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Where I come from, people are very tolerant of each others’ religious beliefs, generally. The only exception is the outright ridiculous or immoral – everything else that leads to ‘love, peace and happiness’ is at worst tolerated.


In the ‘free world’ though, people seem to be really sensitive about religion. For example, I am not a Muslim, but back home I would always know when it was Ramadan. Muslims didn’t feel a need to keep it quiet or be discreet about practicing their faith. And this is in a country with a small Muslim community.


At Easter, yes there would be hot cross buns on sale just about everywhere, and the supermarkets would have Easter eggs of all types on sale. But the overriding theme would be the crucifixion of Jesus. It would be shown countless times on television, be enacted at junior schools and on the streets, be on billboards outside churches, and just about everywhere you can imagine. Christians would make a big deal about the time, and everyone else would munch the chocolate eggs and either indulge those believed or engaged them in religious debate.


Here though, times like Easter and Christmas are kept as purely commercial occasions. In return, Muslims who choose to wear the burka, and all those who publically display their faith are frowned upon. It seems as though the ideal is to have evolved beyond the need for a creator and be rational enough to move past God.


That said – I am grateful for Easter. It has been a time to reflect on my sinful nature, thank God for redemption, and be reminded not to judge others (people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones). For those who don’t see things like that, indulge me, after all, you had chocolate.