I’m a Zimbabwean living in Ireland. When I was young, my gran used to tell stories about Tsuro (hare/rabbit) and Gudo (baboon). The jist of these tales was that Tsuro was smart and always came out on top while Gudo…he was the exact opposite.

I guess I’ve called myself Tsuro because I’m hoping I land up on top and that the huge risks I’ve taken don’t leave me with egg on my face. You see, I went to med school and having finished my internship decided that it wasn’t for me. I wanted more! Then I moved to Ireland and got a fast track, corporate, graduate job in retail management and that hasn’t worked out. Now, I’m trying to find my feet and figure out who I am and what I’m meant to be doing.

I guess this blog is  the story of my journey, well, this part of my journey anyway. This is me, exposed and vulnerable, armed with nothing more than faith in a loving God and an incredible wife.

Put like that, how can things not work out? Right?


12 responses to “About

  1. oh the pursuit of happiness….you’re not alone man

  2. Thanks DymeGee.

  3. to find the path to happiness, we have to strike out and create it…….i’m inspired, yu can def do this!!!!

  4. Well you know we have been down this road before, you will be alright, remember the trip to Cape Town without cash……….. You are still alive and well, you know what I think about decisions like these, we must go for it agressively otherwise we must go home

  5. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I like your site. Good Luck!


  6. You’re welcome Jamie. I really enjoy visiting your site. Thanks loads for leaving a comment!

  7. Hey Tsuro,

    I have acquired a domain name for my blog. 🙂


    Please update your bookmark and visit me at my blog. Say your opinions about life, success, failure, …etc.


  8. Hey Amos,
    I’ve updated both my bookmark and the link in my blogroll. Fantastic site my friend – it just keeps getting better! If it isn’t already, your blog is going to be a big hit!

  9. Something to ponder…….”some are born great, some achive greatness, other have greatness thrust upon them…” Malvalio Twelfth Night (Shakespear)

  10. Thanks for that thought, Mrs BT. Although I’d have preferred to be born great or have it thrust upon me, it looks like the only way I’m going to get greatness is by achieving it.
    The other two would have been so much easier!

  11. It’s part of the learning process; pain,hurt.

    I think it was King Solomon that said, “He who increases in knowledge, also increase in sorrow.”

    I find this to be true, especially for a lot of us
    black men in America.
    The mass media belittles the blacks; always.
    But, we have 2 push forward , knowing that
    happiness is a path, not a destination.

  12. Hi Mediashark,
    you’re right, happiness isn’t a destination. I hear you on the media thing. I think as long as you let someone else tell your story, you’re always going to be misrepresented. In Zimbabwe, the only real independent media was shut down and all of a sudden, words were being put into our mouths.
    One of the solutions to the issue of being misrepresented is having more of us working in the media and finding other ways to get our story out.

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