You, me and Obama’s Speech on Race

More and more, I am confounded by the human race. We are all so similar and yet find it so hard to see the world through each others’ eyes. I wonder why that is. I don’t know. I have a lot of ideas and theories, but the truth is, I don’t really know.

What I do know is that Barack took the more difficult path in trying to help his complicated world see things from different perspectives. It was a very honest, courageous speech. If nothing else, it will hopefully lead to a little more honest dialogue. I hope it does a little more. I hope it helps us all at least try to imagine being in another’s shoes. I respect the fact that Obama behaved like a human being with a heart rather than a politician bent on getting elected.

On days like this, I hate politics. The world and all our issues are so much simpler than many politicians make them seem. The solutions to our issues are simpler than they would have us believe.


2 responses to “You, me and Obama’s Speech on Race

  1. It took me a while to try to wrap my head around this whole situation. I mean sure, the words of Obama’s pastor were nothing but blunt and left room for debate, but it really made me wonder when it became wrong to have an opinion. And it really amazed me how this whole situation snow-balled into what it has become. Then it kind of hit me one day, people just don’t like to be uncomfortable. All of the news reporters keep referring to this whole race discussion as a “sensitive issue”. And it is. But does that mean that we shouldn’t talk about it? I think people reacted so strongly because it was the first time in a long time that they were forced to examine themselves and the world they live in, which made them uncomfortable. And what happens when people are uncomfortable? Fingers are pointed and blame is laid. Because if someone can be blamed, all of the attention can be directed to that person, the issue can be ignored, and people can return to their comfortable lives once again. Rev. Wright’s words may not have helped Obama personally, but I think they were necessary. Hopefully we can all stop dancing around this so called “sensitive issue” and finally deal with it.

  2. That’s it exactly. I totally agree with you. If we can get mad at Wright, if we make enough noise about it, we won’t have to deal with the claims he is making.

    The truth is that he is being misrepresented by a media that doesn’t want to discuss hard issues. It’s really sad.

    Sometimes the human race saddens me. It is amazing how selfish and inconsiderate we are collectively. It’s all so unnecessary.

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