The Birds and the Bees

Marriage. I am very old school so to me it seems as though the world has gone crazy when it comes to family life. In Europe at least, people don’t get married anymore. They have partners that they live with. I don’t get it.


I’ve only been married for a couple of years, but I can tell you this, it’s the way to go. Marriage isn’t bliss by any stretch of the imagination. There are days when it straight up sucks. And unlike living with someone, you lose your rights and space and individuality. But what you get in return (provided you picked the right person) is loyalty, companionship, a shoulder and ‘thereness’. Commitment costs, but it is so worth it.


This business of living together….maybe I’m just a backward African, but I know a recipe for disaster when I see one. Why people feel the need to cheat life’s fundamentals is beyond me. That’s my unsolicited 2 cents.


If I have offended you, please think of it as a loving friend telling it like he sees it.


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