St Patrick’s Day

Shamrock painted on my wifeceltic dancer during paradePaddy’s day parade on Eyre square

Today is St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. It’s a big deal and people take it really seriously. My wife and I watched the parade in Galway and had an absolute blast! I can’t wait for next year’s.

The photos are of my wife having a shamrock painted on her, a flame thrower, and a celtic dancer. I took all of them. Pretty cool day so far. Off to the local pub now (with my camera) to check out what St Paddy’s eve is like.


2 responses to “St Patrick’s Day

  1. Looking forward to photos of you pair and a few pints!

  2. I have some bad news Damian. We had such a good time, I didn’t get a chance to use my camera!

    I love your blog! And just so you know, you’ve inspired me. I’ve been tempted to apply for a degree in pubic advocacy but was sort of on the fence. The fact that you’re doing one on peace studies has given me the push I needed to go through with the application. So thanks.

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