Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki 

I’m about a third of the way through Thabo Mbeki’s biography, The Dream Deferred, and I’m riveted!

I’m in awe of Mbeki. It’s more than how much he gave up that strikes me. He was so totally committed to his cause and worked tirelessly towards his role. He is obviously brilliant in so many ways. Everyone who knew him well, friend or foe, acknowledge his charm and intelligence. In his early twenties he was leading anti-aparteid initiatives and meeting world leaders.

There’s a sense of gravity and purpose to him that I envy. He seems to have known his destiny from early childhood, and more impressive, how to attain it. Granted, his heritage was such that he always had incredible mentors around him, but they wouldn’t have taken him on were it not for the potential they saw in him. Neither Mandela nor Tambo’s children got the kind of attention that Mbeki received because they didn’t have the qualities he had.

Why has Thabo Mbeki struck such a chord in me? I want my life to have the kind of meaning his has had. I want to help build my country and continent as he has tried to do. I want to spend time with leaders and future leaders and discuss ideas on governance, society, justice and how to make the world a better place. And I want to have a mentor.

Thabo had Oliver Tambo. What I would give for a little time and some direction from Thabo Mbeki…


2 responses to “Thabo Mbeki

  1. I feel pretty much the same about the man – without having read this latest book about him. Yes, I cannot agree with all his policies and decisions, but that still doesnt detract from the respect I have for him.

    The Tambo’s were the king-makers in his case, and I think that he was moulded to be the man that he is today – he was moulded to lead this South Africa through its formative years.

    I think often of what he must have missed out in life, because a driven man seldom strays from the path of his destiny – I wonder if he ever had much fun?

  2. Hi Rouvanne,
    It’s incredible how as people we tend to forget the good things about people and focus on the negative. That’s the reason why I think Mbeki gets so much critisism.

    I have a question for you though. Do you know much about Chris Hani? Is there a good biography you would recommend?

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