The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I must warn you, this post is totally random and is in no way important, but you may still find it interesting.  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way…

When I was a child, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the man and The Terminator was the best thing since sliced bread. That’s just how it was and maybe that’s why I’m excited about the new series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I love Jamie, but I just disagree with her. Why wouldn’t you want to watch the story of what happened between the two Terminator movies? I’ll be the first to admit that Terminator 3 was rubbish, but that’s different. Arnie was past his action figure sell by date. The whole thing felt forced and didn’t work. This new series though…I think it has loads of potential. 

As long as they keep it as a simple man against the machines story, I think The Sarah Connor Chronicles will rock. It will only fall apart if they try to make it clever because let’s face it, that’s not what the Terminator was about.


2 responses to “The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  1. I loved the Terminator movies too and even used one of Arnold’s Body Building books to aid me at the gym. The original Sarah Connor was fabulous! I just loved her in combat kit….

  2. For real? For a long time during that Terminator period, my cousin and I spent a lot of time trying to lift any heavy items we could find. It must have been hilarious for people seeing two skinny kids arguing over which of the two was the Terminator! Good times…

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