(Roland During Sunset by AdventDawn

What’s in a name? A friend from medical school recently reminded me about my bitterness toward him over a name.

Most medical students are geeks. It’s very easy to start thinking you are cool in an anatomy class. It gets even worse in your clinical years when you’re in hospitals surrounded by people who are comfortable with their lack of coolness. Hospitals force most people to grow up.

Not me. I had finally found my chance to be cool with the standard so low. All I needed to complete the act was the right nickname. Bryan (my real name) didn’t quite cut it. After some searching, I found the perfect one, only people were using it on Bernard! Bernard? Bernard. A name even geekier than Bryan! But it was Bernard, not Bryan, who was being called Gunfighter, or Gun/Guns for short.

Believe it or not, I really was upset at my guys for not coming up with a name like that for me. I tried to get them to call me Rain for a while but Farai thought it was too cool for me. He had a habit of being more honest than was required. In any case, the name I really wanted was Gunfighter and I wasn’t willing to push Bernard onto oncoming traffic to get it. So I remained without a nickname.

Until now. Henceforth, I will be known online as Bryan “Gunfighter” Tsuro (not my real last name).

What do you think?


6 responses to “Gunfighter

  1. No Gunfighter doesn’t suit you. may I suggest RolerBryan – now that’s a cool name!

  2. I’m afraid my friends would agree with you. Still, I’d rather be called Gunfighter, or Guns, or even just Gun!

  3. gunfighter? is there a story behind that or does it just come from that painting? not to be more honest than necessary but….gunfighter? as a nickname?
    that’s definately….different

  4. I just got the painting because I thought it looked cool. Gunfighter DymeGee, is cool…isn’t it?
    Where does it come from? Maybe a desire to be more macho than I really am. Or maybe from my childhood, watching westerns and stuff like that. Or it could be just that it’s cool.
    Gunfighter. The guy I almost wish I was. My wife doesn’t think it works though.

  5. call me badrobot, I’ll call you gunfighter. if you’re worried about Benard, we can call you gunslinger.

  6. Done! Badrobot. And Gunfighter will do just fine thank you

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