Overweight? Me?

I finally did it. I signed up at the gym!

It’s funny how weight creeps up on you. I think I’m in so so shape, but my pot belly makes me look a few years older than I really am. Don’t ask me how it got there, I don’t know! My first instinct is to claim that I was abducted by aliens and they put it there. Or we could go with my wife’s explanation. She likes to tell people that I’m carrying our first baby and am expecting soon!

The truth is that I moved to a country where food is dirt cheap and I got carried away. It didn’t help that this move coincided with getting married to a woman who prides herself in her ability to keep her husband well fed. Oh, and let’s not forget the months of unemployment in Cork. Cork is a cold wet city and if you don’t need do be somewhere, you stay put.  I stayed put in a one bedroom apartment eating cheap food. The result is a BMI flirting with the ‘obese’ category. Not bad for a skinny kid!

Finally I’m taking action. I’ve been told that if I don’t I could die before my 72nd birthday. It took all the self control I have not to point out that the life expectancy where I come from is 39 and anything close to 70 would be considered a miracle. I just shook my head solemnly and behaved well for a change. I had my first workout today and I lived to tell the tale. I almost enjoyed it even!

If you’re in the Galway, feel free to drop by Leisure Land. You might see a round guy desperately trying to stay on his treadmill with buckets of sweat pouring off him. You’re more than welcome to come up and say hi – Lord knows I could do with the excuse to take a break!


2 responses to “Overweight? Me?

  1. Hahahaha. Well I say good for you for taking that first step that’s always so difficult. But you raise an important issue. Obesity, espcially in the Western world. Not to make excuses for your weight gain, but you can almost genuinely justify why you gained weight. But what about those whose roots are in the West. You can’t say it’s because they don’t know about the health risks that come with being overweight because most people are well aware. And yet a free gym membership with workout clothes and shoes included would not have very many Westerners heading to the gym. It simply baffles me…

  2. Hey DymeGee,
    I think the answer can be found in my wife’s attitude on excersize (even if she is a petite Zimbabwean). In her words, “I’m allergic to excersize. Funny things start happening whenever I do try it out. I start hyperventilating and get all sweaty. It can’t be normal!”
    That, and food is so cheap!
    Hope you’re well.

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