The Next Step

I’ve had another article published and I’ve got a semi-regular thing going with one of the national papers. It’s amazing how as soon as you get to one summit you suddenly start to see others instead of taking time out to celebrate!

Why aren’t I celebrating? So far I’ve made a couple of hundred Euros in about 4 weeks. I need to start using the articles I’ve had published to get more work. As things stand, I can’t make a living. That said, I’ve made money doing what I want to do. If nothing else, it shows there’s potential for me to make a living writing. I had planned to give myself 6 months to come up with a tangible plan. Based on what I’m spending and what my wife and I need to cover bills, I need to be earning at least six times what I’m earning now by about July. I guess that’s the challenge.

Now, the ‘work’ part begins. I need to call people who I think may have a story to tell and interview them. I need to get in touch with as many editors as I can and try to sell myself. I’m even planning a trip out to Sierra Leone – a friend knows a government minister there. It all sounds great, so why am I terrified?


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