Against the Status Quo

My brother-in-law, K., and I disagree on most things. This weekend’s topic was Barack Obama. AS far as K. is concerned, Obama is nothing more than hot air. He acknowledges the fact that Barack is an incredibly motivating speaker, but as far as he’s concerned there is no evidence that he has any substance. Hillary on the other hand was in the White House when her husband was president, and since Bill was a good president, K. is happy to assume that Hillary will also do a good job. None of this is unreasonable really, so why am disappointed (again) in K.?


I hate the assumption that enthusiasm and excitement are for the naive whereas the dull, serious demeanour of Hillary signal depth and competence. People are so sceptical it’s sad! Many of those who don’t support Obama are instinctively repelled by his message of because they feel it’s too good to be true. We’ve been conditioned to keep our expectations low and not too hope for too much. To borrow Barack’s words, we’ve got used to doing the same old things the same old way we don’t believe things could be different. Like caged birds that don’t realise that there’s an open hatch or have just become comfortable with the cage they know. It breaks my heart.


It’s not just about Obama. If you have genuine issues with what he stands for, don’t support him. It’s about everything. There’s just such a general poverty of hope everywhere. There’s a reluctance to question the status quo and dare to do things differently. Fear, self interest and the desire for conformity and acceptance have shackled us.


Why isn’t the world a better place? Most of us won’t dare stand out. Like K., we’re willing to sacrifice our dreams for the familiarity of the status quo.


2 responses to “Against the Status Quo

  1. If I had to guess Tsuro, I would think that K is the type of person that likes the security of knowing what the future holds. You are unlike so many people. You seem to be the type that prefers to look beyond the most obvious route. That’s such an admirable quality I must say. I’ve listened to Barak Obama speak often, I could even recite some parts of his speeches. He is so inspiring. I think that those people that are skeptical see him as “all talk and no action”. Like you said, it must be because he doesn’t have as much evidence or experience as Hilary Clinton, and that takes away the safety of putting him in a powerful postion. Why is it so hard for people to take a chance when a safe landing isn’t guaranteed? Why can’t we all just believe in the impossible for once? I don’t know. I just hope for the sake of Obama that the believers outnumber the skeptics.
    (PS. Sorry, I don’t have a blog of my own. But I really enjoy reading and responding to yours. I’m sure you’ll make quite a name for yourself as a journalist if that’s what you decide to do)

  2. Hey DymeGee,
    Thanks, you are a very cool person. I’m thrilled that you both read and comment on my blog. It means a lot…
    About the journalism thing, I don’t know. I’m reading Dreams from my Father right now and all I know is that I also want to make my environment better. As naive as it sounds, I really want to help make the world a better place. Maybe journalism is my way of reaching out, but honestly, I’m not sure.
    Thanks again

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