One of my countrymen wrote a song about life. Loosely translated, the words are ‘life is like a spoke on a bicycle wheel. Sometimes you’re on top and others you are wallowing in the mud’. If you’re a Westerner though, you could say that life is a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  I like the other analogy better.


I officially terminated my employment contract yesterday. I handed in the keys to my company car as well as the fuel card that allowed me to get free fuel. My previous boss and I shook hands and genuinely wished each other well. They even arranged for a taxi to take me to the train station on the company tab, and that was that. I am no longer an employee of that company, or of any other one for that matter. I’m now a freelance writer, who has had one article published and is struggling to write the next one.


Believe it or not, I like security. I like having a sure thing just as much as the next guy, if not more. I’ve always seen myself as a responsible, straight down the line, conformist. I guess I was wrong. On the one hand I’m proud of myself for stepping out in faith and trying to live out my beliefs. On the other hand, I think to myself, ‘you idiot! What are you doing? Normal people don’t do things like this!’ The result is that there are days I’m on top of the world and others when I’m down in the dumps, paralysed by fear, or in today’s case, missing the Audi A4 that was never really mine. She was a great car though, and we looked good together!


Enough moping, all is well. This is the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in my life.  It’s all going to come right. One day at a time.


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