I got published!

I got my first article published… in a national paper!


It’s such a weird feeling! On the hand, I was so excited last night, I couldn’t wait to get up and buy the paper. When I opened it up and saw my name there, in bold no less, I was deflated! Even now, I feel lethargic. I feel exposed, naked and I can’t take the piece back. I feel committed, like my fate is out of my hands. What if some psychopath takes offense at what I wrote and hunts me down?


The last time I felt like this was after I proposed to my then girlfriend (now wife) and she said yes! She was so excited and the happier she got, the darker the cloud over me grew. It was one of the worst days of my life. Again, I felt trapped and as though I was no longer in control of my destiny. And it’s not as though I didn’t want to marry her. I knew she was the one, I knew I wanted to marry her, and I hadn’t been under any pressure to propose. All the same, the fear! Fortunately, I felt great at our wedding!


But back to this issue, I got what I wanted and had something I wrote printed in a newspaper. I don’t know if the article is any good. I know I liked it a lot more before it was published. I wonder if it’s always going to be like this.


Who knows, next time I might even get paid. When that happens, I’ll start calling myself freelance/independent writer/journalist. Or maybe I’ll just stick to Tsuro.


5 responses to “I got published!

  1. Congratulations Tsuro! I’m happy for you. It’s a good fresh start now. I wonder what you wrote. Did you use Nickname Tsuro?

    Congratulations again! Good job! Life continues!

  2. It does. And thanks for all your support lifeX3. thank you so much

  3. well done muface wangu.

  4. CONGRATS BUDDY!!! i get what you mean though. even though you know you should be bouncing of the walls with excitement, you know that now people (and a lot of people) are going to be judging you. that’s mad pressure. but when you think about it, that feeling applies to almost everything you do more or less. i say give yourself sometime to get used to the feeling. no stress man, just lots of happiness. congrats again

  5. Leeroy – thanks sha!

    DymeGee – Thanks so much. Its weird, I like attention as much as the next guy, but yeah, I’m a little uncomfortable with being scrutinised. Still, it’s worth it! Thanks again man.

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